The Core Group - background

The first 20 years

Previously known as Havenga Rossouw Viljoen Consultation Services (HRV), The Core Group was founded by Mr Daan Havenga in 1993. Through hard work, determination and a mission of delivering a service by being pro-active, utilising technology and technical knowledge to the maximum, clients’ expectations were exceeded through the adding of value to each client.
HRV was more than just an auditor; HRV was the business partner each client needed to succeed in the very competitive economic climate. Through the past 20 years HRV expanded to be more than just an audit and accounting firm. HRV lived up to their mission statement of being pro-active by expanding their services constantly.

Company News

Exciting times at CORE Financial Services

Time is running out for 2015 … but there is some good news as well! For the past couple of months, everyone at CORE Financial Services have been working very hard behind the scenes. “We’ve been planning and working to bring a new era of reporting to our clients,” explains Gerhardus Liebenberg, Director of CORE Financial Services. Read More

A perspective on the producer’s share of the consumer rand

The current drought is causing prices to rise. The consumer pays more while the farm gate price is also increasing. However, these changes are often disproportional. An increase in the farm gate price is more easily carried over to the consumer, but the reverse is not true as farm gate prices do not decrease. Read More

The future - now

The Core Group believes that every individual within the group must be able to deliver exceptional service to each of our clients by having a positive attitude, current knowledge and a passion for their work. This is achieved through continuous training, both internally and externally, equipping our people with the latest technology and by focussing on procedures and methods to enhance the speed and quality of work being done.

People are our biggest asset and therefore we believe that the group’s strength is determined by the quality of the people we train and employ. We believe that the people in our group must be self- motivated, positive and pro-active people with a balance between work, family and other personal interests. The Core Group strives in maintaining a pleasant working environment where each individual can reach their full potential as individual person and as a team member. The Core Group, consist of people with exceptional skills in their various professions, who takes personal responsibility to satisfy client needs and are focused in creating long-term business relationships. We strive to become extraordinary people, and to do so, we believe in a balance in life of working and playing hard.

We believe in creating an appreciative and supportive team culture within the company, contributing to our success and pleasure of working in our group of companies.

The Core Group’s main objective is to provide tailored made services, for the specific financial needs of our clients. All this in one convenient group of service companies. Through partnering with specialists in different service areas and industries we are able to offer our clients a wide range of quality and professional services under one roof. 

With our clients being the CORE of our circle of services, The Core Group believes that the future is greatly determined by what is done today. Therefore: the future – now!

Become a Core Member

Schedule of Member Firms being added to The Core Group Association:

November 2015

Upington   Nel & Vennote
Bloemfontein   Christi Wagenaar Auditors
Bloemfontein   Core Bloemfontein
Roodepoort   SP3 Group of Business
Bloemfontein   Azima Accountants

December 2015

Bloemfontein   Core Virtual
Vanderbijlpark   Core Vanderbijlpark
Plettenbergbay   Nexo Accounting
Kimberley   MC Viviers Professional Accountants

January 2016

Kimberley   Accounting@Kimberley
Bloemfontein   PC Bruwer & Partners

Sound accounting advice and strategies assisting you to significantly improve your current accounting practices and procedures.
Quality audit and assurance, within national and international standards, identifying and understanding business risks, maximising the potential of your business taking into account related legislative and technical changes.
Comprehensive tax service and advice that you can rely on.
Managing your assurance, giving peace of mind solutions. Allocating assets productively, securing financial independence and ensuring a carefree retirement.
B-BBEE Verification based on the Codes of Good Practice, as well as all promulgated Sector Codes.
A full range of company secretarial services, designed to ensure compliance with statutory obligations and avoid the risk of penalties and prosecution.
We provide independent accountancy practices and other clients with the range of support services they require to be able to survive in today's highly technical and competitive environment.
Affordable Short-Term Insurance accompanied by excellent service and professional risk management.
We help clients to implement the latest technologies and maintain existing infrastructures with professional, swift and confidential service.
Integral services in support of entrepreneurship and business success and development
Brand New™ is a branding, design and implementation agency. With intelligent thinking about brands and branding, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients on every level. As a result of our work our clients think more intelligent about their brands and experience an increase in their brand equity.
Estate planning services to structure and protect during life and after death.
Cloud accounting is a relative new term in the South African Business Environment. In countries all over the world, this new way of doing and managing the accounting function in a business, has had a huge impact on the time and money spent to maintain the accounting function within a business.
To harness the true value of this opportunity a business must invest in technologies that facilitate cloud-based communication and collaboration with clients, using technology to streamline communication, accounting processing activities and managing assignments on an integrated platform.
We provide a full collection of flexible HR Services to companies on an outsourcing or permanent basis posing the full spectrum of Strategic and Functional HR initiatives including HR Re-engineering and Business Re-alignment, Specialised Compensation, compiling HR Metrics and Statistics and assistance in BBBEE.
At CORE Practice Management we specialise in assisting health care providers to focus on their area of expertise. Through simplified processes we manage medical aid fund claims, recover outstanding and slow paying accounts on their behalf.
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